[Web10g-user] problem when using estats_list_conns()

Marcel Vogt Marcel.Vogt at cnlab.ch
Fri Mar 7 03:52:24 EST 2014


I'm experiencing problems with web10g/web10g-userland:

Until around 320 connections listconns works fine, but then it shows the following error message:
error: Error thrown from genetlink library   (The error is thrown in the userland API call estats_list_conns.)

Furthermore I noticed, that listconns (estat_list_conns) shows old connections for a certain time, meaning that listconns shows connections which I don't see with netstat -inet

Is there a limitation on how many connections web1g can maintain?
What could be the reason for this behavior and how can it be solved?

My setup:
Linux kernel: 3.8.11
Web10g Userland:
Libmnl library: 1.0.3-3


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